Tiago Machado [Portugal, 1973] starts taking photographs at nine years old using an Agfamatic 108 [*]. At eleven and on his own initiative he decides to enrol to study photography for a whole school year. He later graduates in Sociology, concludes his studies with an MA and pursues his academic career working professionally as a scientific researcher. In 2006 he takes the decision to abandon the world of academia in order to dedicate himself exclusively to photography, developing his work both as a Fine Art photographer and photojournalist. He then carries out a series of works in Portugal, Malaysia, The Maldives, Switzerland, China, India and Oman. In parallel, he launches and leads The SCOPE, an international magazine with some of the most relevant photographers in the world today as contributors [Sebastião Salgado, David Fokos, Michael Kenna to name but a few]. In 2011 he opens his own studio and also starts teaching. Tiago’s mark as a photographer is unique, predominantly minimalist and monochromatic.

[*] I'll never forget that bright orange shutter button! Thanks, mom and dad.