/// GENERATIVE BODYSCAPES artistic residency + exhibition

Pavilhão do Conhecimento (March 2018)

Concept: generative bodyscapes - experiments in portrait photography using processing programming language

Keywords: portrait photography, generative art, processing

/// PHOTOGRAPHS 2006-2012 exhibition
Limited edition, numbered and signed

Sample #01 | McDonald's | India
A silent suffering young man outside McDonald’s in the center of New Delhi. His fragile body is degenerating rapidly while the city is preparing to welcome the Commonwealth Games.

Sample #02 | Mala | India
Mala, a sad and resigned 18-month-old girl in the streets of New Delhi. She accompanies her mother scrubbing clothes aided by the friction of the asphalt.

Sample #03 | Mao Zedong | China
The stone-faced impervious expression of a guard - under the vigilant gaze of Mao Zedong - outside the entrance of The Forbidden City, in the heart of Beijing.

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